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3 Top Selling Eco-Friendly Products On Amazon

Almost 50% of people in the US who use the internet to source products start out their product search on Amazon. So if you are thinking about selling a product on Amazon, it’s hardly surprising. After all, Amazon is among the internet’s highest-profiting sites. Why wouldn’t you want a piece of this pie?

There is a big problem, however – Amazon lists over 12 million products for sale. So how do you decide what to sell? Which product is going to provide you with a decent ROI? Some kind of eco-friendly clothing? Perhaps a kitchen item? Maybe handmade alpaca socks?

Choosing a product to sell on Amazon doesn’t have to be so difficult. In fact, a large chunk of the research can be carried out for free – on Amazon.

What Makes an Eco-Friendly Product a Good Amazon Seller?

You’ve been dredging the Amazon anals for a while now. You’ve found what looks to be an ideal eco-friendly product to sell – low competition, high-profit margin. None of that will matter, though, if no one wants to buy the product. This is why you need to figure out the characteristics of a good product to sell.

Price Point

Products that are priced between $15 and $50 lie in a sweet spot – the so-called range of impulse buying. It’s between this price range that a potential customer isn’t necessarily going to invest a lot of time figuring out what the best product is. Rather, if the potential customer believes it’s a good fit, the sale is made.

Enough Interest

One way to find out if there’s going to be enough interest in a product is to figure out how many people are searching for it.

In essence, what this means is that you need to find out the number of searches for your product’s primary keywords. Should you find that your product’s primary keywords are in receipt of more than 100,000 searches per month on Amazon, it’s a determining factor that the demand is high enough.

How do you find out about keyword search volume? There are various tools that can help – some free, some not:

  • Helium 10

  • Sonar

  • Viral Launch

  • Scope


If your intention is to establish a Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) business, you should know that the heavier a product is the more fees you will pay to Amazon. Essentially, the larger and heavier a product is the lower the profit margin.

And if a product weighs in at more than a couple of pounds, you’re also looking at higher shipping costs.


There can be no bones made about it: more positive feedback equates to increased sales volume.

Even that one single positive review can make a world of difference. Moving on up from zero reviews to one review does, in fact, increase how often the would-be online window shopper clicks the “buy now” button by some 65%.

Not only does a single positive review have a profound influence on buyer behavior, it likewise plays a key part in the customer-centric approach taken by Amazon.

Understanding this is the first step in winning over the customer. But how do you get those all-important 5-star reviews in the first place?

Here’s how to come up with the perfect customer feedback invitation:

  1. Personalize the invitation by entering the buyer’s name and the product into the email subject line.

  2. Ask if everything was/is satisfactory – the ordering process, the delivery process, and of course, the product.

  3. While you should never directly ask for a positive review, you can ‘implement’ language in your email that encourages positive feedback.

  4. Make things simple – include a link to the feedback form.

  5. If you do receive negative feedback, tackle things personably by inviting the customer to resolve their issues in direct fashion with you.

Persistent Demand (seasonality)

Product seasonality may prove to be a major factor in determining which product to sell on Amazon.

How do you determine product – or market – seasonality?

Visit Google Trends. Enter your product’s main keyword in the search box.

If the product is a seasonal product – it belongs to a seasonal market you’ll see exactly that from the large dips within the line graph.

Why is this important?

It’s important because you don’t want to place a large order for a product only to have it sitting in an Amazon warehouse gathering dust and accumulating storage fees.

Brief Review of the Top 3 Selling Eco-Friendly Amazon Products

Flip & Tumble’s Reusable Produce Bags


When you invest in these reusable produce bags you get to eliminate those all-too-familiar single-use plastic bags that are, ultimately so, dispatched to the trash. Flip & Tumble’s produce bags will help you to reduce or even completely eliminate your reliance on disposable plastic bags. Flip & Tumble’s Reusable Produce Bags are even machine-washable and can be used every day for years to come.

Primula’s Fine Mesh Filter Brew Buddy


With the Primula Fine Mesh Filter Brew Buddy, you can have coffee (or tea) on the go at any time and anyplace. All you need for that perfect cuppa? The Brew Buddy, a mug, hot water, and your favorite coffee or tea blend. With the Brew Buddy, you completely eliminate the need for coffee pods, reusable paper filters, carafes, an electric coffee maker, and K-Cups.

Chef’n EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin


Use the Chef,n EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin to collect as much as three-quarts (0.75 gallons) of your food scraps for composting. Ideal when an outdoor composting bin simply is not an option. The vented lid together with charcoal filter absorbs those nasty odors. Ultra-handy, ultra-eco-friendly.

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