5 Green Seller Tips That Will Boost Amazon Sales Immediately

Even on Amazon, one of the largest online markets there is, sales can be stagnant for one reason or another. 

With that in mind, in this article, we discuss 5 green seller tips – tips that are applicable to you regardless if your product is green or not – that will help boost sales on Amazon with almost immediate effect.

The tips shared here which will answer the question: how to increase Amazon sales, can relate to any kind of Amazon selling – FBA, private label, or to an enterprise that’s fulfilling their own product range. 

We ought to mention that different audiences, different categories, and different products will react in a different way when optimized. As such the only way you can be sure that any of the following tips are going to help is by testing.

Tip #1 – Increase Traffic to Your Listing

One obvious way to increase Amazon sales is to increase the traffic to your listing. There are many ways to increase traffic by focusing on the listing itself. However, here, we’re talking about ‘off-page’ tactics – stuff you implement after your listing has been optimized. 

There can be little argument that the beauty of marketing on Amazon is that it places your product front and center of where your intended buyers are. But as a way of fully maximizing your marketing potential, you should think about including alternative channels that are unrelated to Amazon. 

It most certainly will help if you build a dedicated brand website. 

Here’s a brief list of channels that you can leverage to increase traffic to your listing. 

  • Your own website/blog, and/or online store

  • PPC advertisements (Google Ads and Media.net, for example)

  • Facebook (ads or organic reach – organic reach on FB these days is very limited)

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Listing your product on affiliate marketing dedicated websites

  • Blog guest posting

It would do no harm whatsoever to tout your ‘green’ stance relatively frequently on all of your social channels. 

Tip #2 – Work with Active Affiliate Amazon Marketers

In general, affiliate programs are of huge benefit to marketers in the online sphere, to bloggers, and to influencers. If an affiliate can entice people to buy through their affiliate link, they make money – simple as that. So there’s plenty of incentive here. 

The Amazon affiliate marketing program, referred to as Amazon’s Associate Program, works in exactly the same way that other affiliate programs work. An affiliate creates the affiliate link to your product listed on Amazon, potential buyers click on the link, potential buyers then hopefully make a purchase of your product. It’s a great way to boost your own product sales while simultaneously providing a commission payment to the affiliate.

You may already be making good sales on Amazon. If, though, you’re not utilizing Amazon’s Associate Program you’re definitely missing out.

Tip #3 – Invest in Social Media Campaigns

Social media was introduced so that online users could become more – well, social, in the online world. Social media also makes it possible for your brand to be a bit more social with your customers. 

As is always the case, it’s best that you work smarter rather than harder. The same rings true with social media. 

There are six social networks that you may wish to consider as an Amazon seller (avoid working on all of them – choose one or two): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Snapchat. The way you employ these platforms will be dependent on your audience.

As an example, Facebook is ideal for reaching out to ‘older’ aged customers – folks between 25 and early 50s. If, on the other hand, you wish to target teens and millennials, you should focus your efforts on Instagram and Snapchat. Obviously, Facebook works with millennials too.

Pinterest is, as of yet, is still something of an untapped resource. If your product fits into Pinterest’s rather selective audience’s tastes, you could do extremely well through Pinterest advertising.

To find an audience with a more socially responsible attitude, an audience that is, arguably so, perhaps more ‘green’ focused, consider Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as being the three primary candidates.

Tip #4 – Take Part in Related and Relevant Socially Responsible Communities and Forums

One way to drive sales of your product is to mix with like-minded individuals. People that take a strong stance on socially responsible issues. People that are striving (often very hard) for a better world. And there’s no better way to mix in the online space than via industry- or ethos-specific communities and forums where you can ‘meet’ and talk with hundreds and possibly thousands of people. 

The forum-posting strategy ‘game’ is easy to get wrong. Many folks drop spammy type links when they post. Then they get booted out of the forum. This is not permitted on the vast majority of forums. Instead, it’s about joining in with conversations and adding value. Then you can start to drop a link here and there. 

No forum or community members will like it if you’re new and you immediately drop spammy links in your posts. You need to add value. You need to chat with others. You need to make suggestions. Provide answers to questions. 

If the community or forum rules permit, add a link to your signature. But avoid attempting to direct others to your website or Amazon product listing at every opportunity you get. This kind of strategy will not work out well.

Tip #5 – Influencer Marketing

There’s no argument that prospective customers will be more likely to buy products from a person or entity they trust. That could be an already recognized brand or it could be a product that’s been recommended by a friend. 

If someone reviews and then promotes your product to their online followers – followers that have an interest in your type of product, it’s a great way to connect with potential buyers.

But how do you get your product in front of such an audience? 

The answer: connect with an influencer in your market. 

You can reach out using Facebook, Twitter, or perhaps through their blog.

Typically, influencers like this will have established rates in place for helping out other marketers in this way. That means you should prepare yourself for splashing some cash. Nevertheless, some influencers, more so if the product you sell is of a ‘green’ and sustainable nature, will not impose any fee.

There is another way to get in touch with influencers – and that is to use an Amazon sales ‘boost service’ if you will: Social Bakers. At Social Bakers they’ll help you to find the right influencer for your market and product.

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