5 Sure Ways to Improve your Amazon Conversion Rate this 2022

You’ve completed registering your Amazon account, already have your product on hand, and initial inventory. What’s next? Unlike traditional retail, using the Amazon platform can be quite tricky especially for beginners. You may have the best product at the best price but that doesn’t guarantee it will always appear on Amazon search results when you search for it. There are factors to consider to improve your Amazon conversion rate. Check if you’ve done the following:

1. Not sure how to ship your products? Go for FBA
If you’re not decided how to deliver your goods, go for Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). Yes, there are a lot of charges associated with Amazon FBA hence cutting your profits but it’s also one of the quickest ways to get the Buy Box.

If you don’t have the Buy Box, your buyers won’t be able to ‘Add to Cart’ and purchase your product. The goal is to have more sales so having the buy box always is a must.

2. Optimize your listing
Before you go live with your products, you should optimize your listing first. This means your title, bullet points, and product description contains all the relevant keywords that you want your product to relate to and rank. Unlike Google SEO and English Grammar, you don’t need to stuff your listing with as many synonyms, spelling, and correct punctuation. Select the keywords that you want to rank, even misspellings will do if it’s a search term with a search volume. Just make sure it’s readable, easy on the eyes, and direct to the point (no essays!).

Optimizing your listing also includes a high-resolution image of your product at different angles since your buyers may want to view your product from all sides. It’s not the same as taking photos with your smartphone. If you want a photo that converts, get a professional photographer to take the picture or a graphic artist to edit your images.

3. More Reviews, Higher Product Trust
This is not just any review, we’re talking about 4 and 5-star reviews. Buyers usually equate the quality of the product with the number of reviews. The more good reviews, the better as it shows that those who bought your product are satisfied with it.

In the event of negative reviews, engage with the buyer by asking them the reason behind it and take action. There are factors that are beyond your control (like during shipment and delivery). In this case, communicate with them in public so those who’ll see the review can say that this is an Amazon seller that values their business and gives them the best buyer experience.

4. Play with the Price
We want to earn as much and as fast as possible. Thus, we tend to be tempted to set our Price too high, justifying that your product is of quality even when it’s a new listing and no reviews yet. The result – no sales movement at all!

Like in any business, you have to start pricing low to attract potential buyers to choose your listing instead of other well-entrenched products with hundreds or thousands of reviews. Experiment with the pricing by starting low and then gradually increase it. When the sales movement decreases or plateaus, then the price prior is your best price. Regularly check your competition’s prices as well.

5. Regular Review of your Listing
Do A/B testing on your listing and pricing. This means you continually test and evaluate your listings. When your sales dip or are not moving at all, you may want to check on your listing. Check your competitors.

Remember, as more people venture into selling through Amazon, its algorithm also constantly changes. You’ll know when the algorithm changes, when your sales suddenly dip or stop moving even though you haven’t made changes on your listing. So when this happens, evaluate your competition’s listing and pricing so you can still be on top with your Amazon conversion rate.

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