7 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Amazon Agency Over Building an In-House Team

Building an e-commerce business requires plenty of work. Many sellers compete across all marketplaces, like Amazon, so it takes hard work and effort to stay in the game. It’s not only a matter of creating a brand presence but distinguishing your brand from competitors and making it stand out among the rest.

If you are serious about making your business grow on Amazon, hiring an agency over building an in-house team is a more viable option. It gives you more resources and hands to expand your Amazon business. 

The best agencies comprise teams with Amazon capabilities, expertise, and deep knowledge about the platform. Outsourcing to an agency like this helps improve your internal efficiencies, saves time, and supports your brand by capitalizing on growth opportunities.

Thus, here are the reasons why you should hire an Amazon agency over building an in-house team:

1. Reduce Costs

Cost is one of the critical factors in hiring an Amazon agency or not. Many businesses think that building your Amazon team internally is cheaper. However, they learn that managing your brand on the platform takes more than an individual. 

Running a business internally needs two to five full-time employees. And the cost of maintaining and employing these people does not stop with their salaries and benefits. Staff management, company training, and turnover add to the cost of building an in-house team.

Nevertheless, partnering with an agency simplifies Amazon-related operating expenses. It provides bespoke tools and software, including PPC and SEO, which can be costly. There is no need to bear high costs as an Amazon agency can help you save money on these.

2. Maximize Efficiency

Amazon is the third most popular advertising network, so it’s truly one of the best platforms to sell and promote your business. Since the Amazon Marketplace includes Amazon Advertising, you get the opportunity to increase your brand awareness and later translate into more conversions.

Hiring a reliable Amazon agency streamlines daily operations to help grow your brand. You can save time and maximize efficiency through Amazon’s marketing tools and technologies. The agency has access to these tools and uses them for your strategy. These will continue to be helpful for your brand as Amazon becomes more competitive through the years.

3. Offer Scalability

An agency can scale swiftly to your business compared to an in-house team. As your brand grows, more work is expected from you. So, a trusted Amazon agency is needed to scale your brand with ease on the marketplace from the start. 

Limited resources prevent your business from growing, setting higher goals, and developing new campaigns, which are the key to increasing sales. Yet an agency can help you whether you want to enhance your presence across social media networks or level up your paid advertising efforts during peak season. 

4. Lower Risk

Amazon has more than 300 million active customer accounts worldwide. It means more people can stumble upon your brand and eventually buy from you. You develop your brand with enough resources and time by getting a reputable Amazon agency.

As a business owner, partnering with an agency can reduce the risk of hiring an in-house team to manage your campaigns. Internal hires require investing time and money for recruiting, onboarding, and training. Plus, they can quit whenever they want. But this is not the case with an agency. It can minimize upfront expenses and lower risk, making it a more cost-efficient solution than building an in-house team.

5. Deliver Diverse Specialties

Several Amazon agencies provide your business access to team members with diverse specialties, including copywriting, web design, email, social media, SEO, and conversion rate optimization.

This degree of specialization lets your brand benefit from various marketing channels. An agency can provide you with all these things rather than an in-house team, where you have to limit your efforts.

6. Access to Exclusive Amazon Agency Benefits

Once you hire an Amazon agency, you also get an account manager. Instead of employing a full-time account manager for your business, you can turn to an agency that handles everything for you. 

Through an Amazon agency, you get round-the-clock support from a team of skilled professionals to manage your growing business. Also, you secure access to exclusive Amazon agency benefits unavailable to individual sellers. An agency can receive early insight into new Amazon advertising tools, beta programs, metrics, and analytics that bring a competitive edge over others.

7. You have full control

When you collaborate with an Amazon agency, trust is highly recommended. Your brand’s seller account is used to manage the backend of your channel. All the resources and knowledge of the agency are applied to your account, letting customers see only your brand on the listing’s front end. 

No one else is between you and your customers. Everything is made and controlled by you, which develops trust among your customers.


Choose the right Amazon agency to make your business successful. The growing competition on Amazon leads to an influx of consultants and agencies that specialize in helping businesses boost their channel. However, not all deliver results. Hence, you must carefully select the right partner for you by going through their track record and having all the tools and technologies needed.


Author: Janica Buenconsejo, Lead Copywriter, SellerPlex

Bio: SellerPlex is here to help your business increase its online success. With a team of highly motivated analysts and e-commerce experts, we maximize the value of online businesses from across the globe. It is our vision to support entrepreneurs by providing outstanding services, such as operations, supply chain, and finance, which are crucial to run a business, so the owner can focus on growing the business. If you need expert advice, our trusted experts help you make the right moves.

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