How to get the most of your Ad campaign on Amazon? Top of Search on Amazon is the biggest sales share by placement

New, and even seasoned, Amazon sellers still ask what’s the ideal bid for their PPC to start the sales coming into their Amazon Store.  Should they focus on Top of Search on their ad campaign on Amazon or go on a defensive strategy by focusing more on detail-page?

In a recent 2021 Annual Amazon PPC report published by Profit Whale, the Top of Search on-Amazon leads the way with 46.3%, followed by Detail Page on-Amazon with a big share of 27.2%, Other on-Amazon with a share of 23.2, and Remarketing off-Amazon with only 3%.

This only proves that bidding high so your placement ad campaign on Amazon will appear on Top of Search will have a 50% chance of getting the sale. Based also on one’s experience in shopping online on Amazon, shoppers are more focused and remember better the top portion of the search results on page 1. 

With hundreds, even thousands, of products to choose from after entering your search keyword, one will easily get overwhelmed with the results especially if they have to check each listing. So to save time and convenience, most users will focus on the first few pages of the search results page.

Of course, you have to make sure that your listing is optimized and that it has your top target keywords, a good no. of 5-star reviews, professionally-made images, and competitive pricing to make sure that your FBA listing will convert well. If not sure, you can know more about optimizing your listing by clicking here.

If you’ve noticed on ad campaigns on Amazon, most of the brands that appear on the top of search on Amazon are the ‘big’ players. Even if they’re a known brand outside Amazon, these brands still invest on Amazon PPC to make sure their listings will always appear on the top of the page organically and in PPC. 

By doing so, they will be able to protect their sales and ranking so that shoppers will only see their band/ listings and that they will have a reduced opportunity to check on other listings.

You might probably think that it’s easier for these big brands to go beast-mode on PPC spending since they have the big bucks to finance their campaigns. 

This is true. But you also have to ask yourself why you have ventured into selling on Amazon. If you’re reading, we’re sure that you also have big dreams for your Amazon store to go mainstream. So you have to invest on PPC ad campaign on Amazon if you want to make it big on the platform.

Know your target keywords

To better manage your PPC bids and spending, you need to identify what are your top keywords or the keywords that you’d like to rank. 

Do your research. If you’re not sure what are your top keywords since you’re just starting, you can identify who are your top competitors on your category or niche. Then do a reverse ASIN search using keyword research tools like Helium10 so you will know what are keywords your competitors are ranking. 

You may choose the no. of monthly searches as your filter in choosing what keywords to target. You don’t have to target all or even 10. You can start in as few as 2 to 5 keywords depending on your budget. Remember, choose the keyword that is not so high and too low in terms of search traffic. 

You can go with long-tail keywords with at least 1500 monthly searches to start with.

If you have your keywords, you can then set up your PPC and make sure you’re bidding above the suggested bid range with emphasis on Top of Search placement when creating your campaigns.  

When having the Top of Search placement as a priority, you are giving your listing a better clickthrough rate. 

For shoppers using their smartphones shopping on Amazon, the listings on the Top of Search are the ones only immediately seen on their device Plus, if you have an optimized listing, solid image, sufficient no. of  5-star reviews, plus a competitive price, your listing will have a better conversion rate which will lead to higher sales.

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