Aggressive Bidding to Win

One of the common questions in Amazon PPC as to keyword bidding is how much should you bid – do a conservative low bid or go full aggressive bidding? Before we answer that, do you know that about 69% of Amazon consumers use their smartphone when shopping at and there are only 2 spots for Sponsored ads at the topmost of the search results area using their mobile devices. So if your listing is not on the top spot, you are missing up to 65% of potential sales.

So how much should you bid? If you don’t want to miss the opportunity, aggressive bidding to rank your ad to the #1 position and make sure to check on the following:

  • Select your most profitable, high-volume keyword of your best product by going to your search report and evaluate the Lifetime and YTD stats,
  • Do not test the strategy with new products. Use your best seller since this is a strategy to bring to the next level,
  • Make sure the keywords are profitable across all queries,
  • Make sure it’s within your ACOS threshold, and
  • Make sure it’s driving a lot of orders

Maximum Bid with the right keyword will lead to a higher sales and lower CPC as Amazon rewards more points on sales and rank if there’s more sales velocity.

If you set the keyword bid of your best converting keyword for your best product, regardless of the amount you entered, Amazon will only charge you for the actual maximum bid plus $.01. So if you place $5 on the keyword bid but the actual maximum bid is only $2, you will only pay $2.01.

By bidding aggressively, you are ensuring top placement of your ads, which will lead to higher sales conversion and lower CPC.

Remember, you didn’t list your product on Amazon to be just ‘one of the thousand products,’ but you know your product is the best and a moneymaker. So if you want to win, bid aggressively!

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