AMZ Optimized

Case Study

Infinite Age

Infinite Age is a supplement brand centered around total health and body wellness. Concentrated on plant-based, holistic products, it was important that the brand communicated life, energy, and nature in every facet of its presentation.

A road-block for success came with the creative elements of the brand. Infinite Age did not have the time or resources to commit to creating a brand story and connected design.

They were looking for a partner to elevate their product listings and bring professional graphics and media content in order to present professional, cohesive content on the Amazon platform.


AMZ Optimized began working with Infinite Age in 2020. With only the product images on a white background, the AO team had little to work with. However, even with extremely limited resources, our graphic designers were able to create gorgeous infographics, A+ content, storefront, and even product videos. The results demonstrate top-quality, professional branded content that showcases the Infinite Age product line in an eye-catching way.


  • Infographics
  • A+ content
  • Storefront
  • Product videos
Have a look at the graphics below to see what we've been able to do for Infinite Age!