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Claim Your Amazon Refunds

Claim your FBA reimbursement from Amazon before it’s too late

Have you experienced your inventory on Amazon FBA not matching with your inventory shipment? If not, it’s likely possible that you will encounter this scenario in the future and you are entitled to claim your Amazon refunds. 

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms with approximately 1.6 million packages being sent every day. Even if they say they have perfected the system and rely on computer automation, mistakes still happen and it’s not your fault. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t automatically issue FBA reimbursement for the mistakes it makes in handling your products. You have to do it yourself to check, discover their mistakes, and file claims for FBA reimbursement.

If you think these losses are insignificant and are not worth your time, think again. Remember, you’re selling because you want to make a profit, not a charity. So every penny counts, especially that you’re paying it for all. No matter how much is the amount, that is money rightfully owed to you by Amazon.

What Qualifies for FBA Reimbursement

The most common reason for Amazon to owe you a reimbursement are: Inventory gets lost, damaged inventory during fulfillment.

If inventory gets lost, this means it happened during shipping and it got misplaced in the Amazon warehouse or the package has incorrect barcoding. As long as you’ve shipped your inventory to the correct Amazon warehouse, that’s your only responsibility. 

Have you ever experienced your customers messaging or leaving a review on your listing that they received a damaged item? That’s not your fault and you can actually dispute that review as well. Amazon warehouse employees may damage, destroy or misplace your inventory. They can also dispose of your inventory without your permission if they deem your items are no longer in an acceptable condition to sell. 

Amazon does issue FBA reimbursement for any of these actions or errors but it always helps to be sure you are completely reimbursed to the last penny.

How to Find your FBA Reimbursement and claim your Amazon refunds

Finding and matching your FBA Reimbursement is an added work. You have to regularly review all your shipping reports for discrepancies as well your damaged inventory report which can be seen in Seller Central. 

Once you’ve identified potential cases for FBA reimbursement, you have to make sure you submit to the correct Amazon FBA reimbursement department and submit the claim within 18 months of its occurrence. You can then message Seller Central to submit these cases for reimbursement reviews. Once it goes beyond 18 months, you can no longer file a claim for it.

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