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How to get the Amazon Best Seller & Amazon Choice Badge

With hundreds or thousands of products being added to the Amazon platform daily, it might look impossible for new sellers to rank to #1 given the fact that there are more established, well-entrenched brands in almost all categories.

But what if we tell you that there’s a way for your listing to secure the Amazon Best Seller or Amazon Choice Badge even if you’re just a newbie?

As an Amazon seller, the goal for your listing is to have the Best Seller or Amazon Choice Badge.

Having either of these 2 will result in an increase in sales and top rank for that keyword. So how do you get these Amazon Badges? You can follow the 4 steps below but make sure to:

  • Use your best performing product listing in terms of sales conversions,
  • Listing has already been optimized, and
  • It has at least more than 2 5-star reviews

4 Steps on How to Get the Amazon Best Seller, Amazon Choice Badge

1. Get your top-performing keyword
Download the Search Term Report using either the lifetime stats or Year to date. Then filter the search term using ACOS. Choose the search term with the most no. of conversions (units sold) and that the ACOS should be within your target.

2.  Create Separate Ad group in Broad and Phrase Match Type
After you’ve identified your top search term, create 2 separate ad groups – one in Broad and the other in Phrase Match Type.

3.  Bid aggressively on keyword bid
In a 2021 Junglescout Social & Mobile Commerce Report, 69% of the respondents used their smartphones while shopping online. This means that there are more orders are placed on mobile than on desktop. And in Amazon, there’s only 2 sponsored ad on top in Mobile view. This translates that only the top 2 listings with the highest keyword bid will be shown on page 1 of the search results page. So if you’re not on the top, then you are missing up to 65% of potential sales. Thus, the need to bid aggressively to rank your product to #1.

Sales Velocity has a major influence on your organic ranking, and Amazon gives massive points to sales and rank if there’s more sales velocity. Test the 2 ad groups for a week. You can add the search terms with no conversions or high ACOS as negative keywords to manage your spending. This way, you only pay for search terms with conversions. And remember, keywords with high performance lower your CPC. So always target #1 to lower your CPC.

4.  Don’t Cap Ad Spending
So how does not having an ad budget help with getting the Amazon badge? Say if you put a $100 ad budget and your listing is doing so good that it runs out of budget by 10am. Your ad will then stop running and you miss the opportunity of getting more sales throughout the day.

PPC won’t generate results if your listing is not optimized. So you need to ensure that your listing has all the relevant keywords, images are of high quality, and at irresistible pricing so it has a higher chance of closing the sale when a buyer clicks on it.

This strategy might sound like it would break your bank since you’re running at a maximum bid and no budget limit, but the bigger picture here is conversion and sales velocity. You can ‘manage’ the spending by taking a closer look at which search terms are converting and not. Depending on your niche, pricing, and category, don’t wait to pause an ad or add the search term as a negative keyword if it has 10 clicks and no conversions, or spend at $10 and no conversion. Monitor your ads so you only spend on profitable keywords.

Manage your advertising well and that it should be sustainable. Sustainability is key to advertising. Outrank, Outperform, and Outsmart your competitors!

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