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How to Rank on Amazon: 4 Tips to Boost Amazon Product Rankings and Sales

Amazon is the biggest online retail platform in the US which accounts for 49.1% of the US eCommerce market share. With tens or hundreds of sellers selling the same or similar products, you’ll need to know the direct factors that can affect your Amazon business. Here are 4 tips to boost your product rankings and sales on Amazon:

4 tips to increase your Amazon product ranking

1. Get 5-star reviews as many as possible.
A very important factor that can improve ranking and sales conversion is having 5-star reviews. The more, the better. More 5-star reviews mean buyers vouch the quality of your product.

2. Know what keywords to target and include them on your product listing.
Knowing the right keywords to target is key to optimize your listing. You can use Helium10 to find your related keywords and search terms. Your most important keyword should be placed in your title and bullet points.

If you have the right keywords, your listing will get more relevant leads and conversions, which in turn can boost your Amazon ranking.

3. Create and use high-quality images for your listing.
When you add images to your listing, make sure you are using high-quality images. Remember, your buyer will usually check the images first before reading the product description. So having the right image can help keep them in your listing to know more about your product. Otherwise, they’ll just skip your listing and move on to the next.

4. Find the best Price for your product
The Price can influence your listing’s rankings and is one of the main factors buyers consider when purchasing a product. If your product is higher than your competitors, Amazon’s AI will rank your listing lower because it will assess that it won’t convert the same as similar products.

AMZ Optimized will help you boost your Amazon product ranking

Pasha Knish, CEO & Founder AMZ Optimized, was able to generate 7-figure sales in his own brand. With his experience and expertise, he formed a team and launched his Amazon Agency where he was able to duplicate his success to all his Amazon clients.

AMZ Optimized is a full-service account management package that includes top-level content creation, catalog optimization, and paid ads management (+more). With more than 10 years of experience, we know how to help you get your products ranking better in the search results.

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As more people venture into selling through Amazon, its algorithm also constantly changes. If you’re not well-versed with how the system works, you can end up spending thousands of dollars and not even generate enough sales to cover your initial investment. Our strategies put you on a hands-free express train to profitable growth on Amazon.

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