Launch your Amazon Products Effectively this 2021 with these 5 Easy Steps

So you’ve decided to sell your product on Amazon and have already created your Amazon account, what’s next? If you’re not careful, your next steps will most likely shatter your dream of having a full-grown eCommerce business. Check these 5 steps and make sure you include this on your checklist launch whenever you’re launching a product:

Step 1: Optimize your Listing

An ‘optimize listing’ is not the same as writing a ‘regular’ product description. A lot of people wonder why their listing does not show when searched despite writing a lengthy, detailed description of their product. This is a misconception and a common factor why their recent product launch won’t show up on the search results or convert any sales.

An optimized listing includes a high-quality set of images of your product, and a listing title, bullet points, and product description that contains your target keywords.

If you have the right keywords, your listing will get more relevant leads and conversions, which in turn can boost your Amazon ranking. So choose wisely what keywords you would like to target.


Step 2: Set the Price

When doing a product launch, make sure to offer a promotional price. This is not yet your regular or desired pricing for your product. It should be competitive and compelling enough for buyers to try your product. Remember, there are other listings with hundreds or even thousands of reviews similar to your product. So set a price that any buyer will risk to buy your product instead of other well-established brands. You may operate at a loss during this stage but you are doing this for sales velocity and more opportunities for those who bought your product to write a review.


Step 3: Get as many 5-Star Reviews as much as possible

Amazon reviews are buyer’s opinions if your item is worth it or not. They validate if your product is what it claims to be. The more 5-Star reviews, the more buyers will consider buying your product. This then results in better sales conversion and ranking.


Step 4: Make sure your product is always available on Amazon
It may sound too basic but this is one factor that Amazon sellers tend to neglect.

When doing a launch and if your sales do pick up, you need to make sure that your Amazon inventory is always available and that you won’t run out of stock. When this happens, Amazon will exclude your listing from showing up on the search pages and thus, diminishing any gains or improvements on your listing ranking. It’s like going back to step 1 and we don’t want that to happen.


Step 5: Invest in PPC
With hundreds or thousands of new products added to the Amazon platform daily, your new product listing can easily land on page 549 or worse, won’t show up at all when searched with your target keyword. Amazon PPC can help show your new listing to the first few pages of Amazon with your target keyword.

Take note, do take time to learn about Amazon PPC or you will end up spending a lot and still have no sales conversion. What’s important is you have to know what keywords you are targeting and working within a budget. If unsure, you can get help with AMZ Optimized to manage your PPC campaigns.

If you’ve covered Steps 1 to 5, then you’re all set to launch your product! Good luck!


AMZ Optimized can help your launch your product on Amazon

Pasha Knish, CEO & Founder AMZ Optimized, was able to generate 7-figure sales in his own brand. With his experience and expertise, he formed a team and launched his Amazon Agency where he was able to duplicate his success to all his Amazon clients.

AMZ Optimized is a full-service account management package which includes top-level content creation, catalog optimization, and paid ads management (+more). With more than 10 years of experience, we know how to help you get your products ranking better in the search results.

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As more people venture into selling through Amazon, its algorithm also constantly changes. If you’re not well-versed with how the system works, you can end up spending thousands of dollars and not even generate enough sales to cover your initial investment. Our strategies put you on a hands-free express train to profitable growth on Amazon.

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