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Mobile Above the Fold is Critical

In a 2021 study about consumer behavior, 65% of the respondents responded that they prefer shopping online using their mobile and smartphones. It’s convenient, handy and you can shop anywhere as opposed to using desktop computers and laptop to shop online. So what does this translate for Amazon sellers in terms or marketing and the platform itself?

Unlike shopping in Amazon using a desktop, mobile users can only see 2 sponsored ads on the top of the search page. As a result, only the top 2 bidders for that keyword bid will be shown as a sponsored ad on their mobile screen.

For those using PPC, you’ll need to aggressively bid for your target keyword so your listing will get the top 2 spots. The more impression you get for your listing, the higher the chances of getting those clicks and ultimately, sales conversion.

You’ll probably raise the concern that you don’t want to break your bank by bidding high on your keywords.

Remember, that you only pay for the clicks and not impressions. So as long as you carefully select your golden, target keywords and optimize your listing, those clicks are a step higher to being an actual sale!

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