Meet the Team

Pasha Knish
CEO & Founder
Pasha is the founder of AMZ Optimized with 12+ years of personal selling experience on Amazon and a long history of work in e-commerce. With his extensive knowledge of various facets of digital marketing, and after working with dozens of companies and launching multiple personal brands, he offers a wealth of strategic guidance and direction for the AMZ Optimized team and our clients.
Hannah Byrd
Head of Operations
With over 9 years of hands-on experience managing 7 and 8 figure seller accounts and listings as well as small private label start-ups, Hannah has a plethora of knowledge and an encompassing variety of expertise on the Amazon Platform. Her strengths lie in organization, problem solving, design, and brand presentation. With a proven track record in building brands from the ground up, she understands what it takes to unlock success on Amazon. She works on the AMZ Optimized Team as the operations lead and directs all account management services outside of Advertising.
Dena Melusova
Advertising Growth Strategist
Dena is an Amazon Specialist and Growth Strategist who has a proven track record of success in helping businesses thrive on the platform. She possesses an in-depth understanding of the Amazon ecosystem, which enables her to navigate the platform's complexities with ease. Dena leverages her expertise in PPC and Strategy. Her strong analytical skills and data-driven approach allow her to identify key opportunities for growth and optimize the approach to customer acquisition.
Emerson Martinez
Lead Graphic Designer
Emerson has over 10 years of experience working in the digital world. With over 5000 Amazon infographics delivered and more than 3000 hours of work, he has worked with more than 200 brands from around the world. Emerson is focused on delivering high-quality designs that make a statement for your brand and help your products convert. His goal is to make brands look and feel modern and competitive, no matter their size.
Anastasia Chepikova
Lead Videographer
General background in digital marketing in high-profile brands such as BMW and Sberbank, and experience managing her own fashion brand. Now she works with our sellers to create beautiful & capturing video, even when there is no original footage to work with.
Mika Marte
Operations Assistant
Mika Marte is an inspired and a hard-working Operations Assistant at AMZ Optimized. She has a knack for learning fast and relishes the challenge of acquiring new skills. Direct any project you have her way and she’ll be happy to take it on!
John Dela Cruz
Assistant Project Manager
John has 7 years of experience working as a Quality Analyst for Amazon Seller Support, so he knows the ins-and-outs of the Seller Central account. He’s best recognized on the AMZ Optimized team for his dedication, reliability and knack for picking up new skills quickly. His contributions as Assistant Project Manager helps keep the Operations department running smoothly. A proactive problem solver, he also manages Amazon Cases to help our clients get the fastest resolutions possible.

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